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Not feeling worth much today



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May 28, 2021
United States
They cut my hours even more this week at work. Got a text from the boss last week about leaving too much work behind. This is the feedback I've gotten from every job...no matter how much I try. After hearing I don't try hard enough from my ex, and work this past week, I'm not feeling so hopeful. Who would want to date someone that's difficult, can't handle much, and basically brings nothing to the table? I'm not even worried about dating right now...but am concerned for my future. I'll never be able to afford a place on my own. I applied for SSI, so we'll see how that goes. No one to talk to about this stuff. I get it's depressing conversation. I just don't know 😔 Trying to get a hold of myself mentally. Lacking motivation. I don't even want to go into work after seeing I got 9 hours this week.


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Mar 7, 2021
it normally takes a couple application tries for SSDI, so don't get discouraged if it's rejected at first.
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