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Not been on here for many years - life been tough



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May 2, 2016
South england
Yes its been a hell of a time in recent days

My mum passed away two months ago. My dad has had multiple hospital appointments and only has a year to live and today my girlfriends cat was sadly run over and died instantly

I had abuse from my sisters and their partners when I was unwell and when I was contacting them by email simply to be interested they could police on me several times - even though police said nothing in which I had said was abusive in any ways

It was a horrendous time

I have at times felt extremely frightened and alone but have recovered to a certain extent - got a nice little job - been on furlough for last seven months though - but during lockdown mum passed, dad nearly did -had an op that gives him a little longer - but got together with lovely woman a year ago - its going well - but now her lovely cat has passed suddenly

Said to a friend just when you think life is on the up after horrendous days then something unexpected happens again

I am much stronger mentally than when I was without friends and only my parents for fantastic support

Its life - I know - but sometimes the words unfair can scream loud - I cant believe anything else can go wrong anymore

Sorry its not a happpier intro.


May 25, 2020
Welcome back. I am so sorry to hear about what has been happening to you. That is such a lot to go through.


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Welcome back to the forums! I’m really sorry to hear how life has been so painful and difficult this past year. I’m happy, though, that you have better supports now and hopefully you will find additional support on here. xo, j :grouphug:


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Apr 22, 2018
Hi there, trully sorry to hear about your lost. Hope u doing ok this days.
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