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Not a clue



Active member
Oct 23, 2017
My anxiety issues came first, so I'm assuming that severe anxiety is the cause of my severe depression. It seems to take precedence almost always. This would probably explain why ssri's do not work for me, buy only kill me with side effects. Does anybody know effective treatment/meds for severe anxiety and fear? I wasn't always like this and I cannot no matter how I try be the person I was not too long ago. I'm losing hope, but not faith. What is it called when a person is 24/7 shaking with fear, terror and horrible sadness? Is that generalized anxiety disorder? They're not quite panic attacks, I've had many of them before, but it almost seems like one all day and night. Nothing seems to help. Ssri's, Ativan, valium, even a couple of anti psychotics like Risperdal, zyprexa, and Geodon. I'm lost and I am totally relying on God for this. Without him and another, I wouldn't be here. Thank you, everybody. Hang in there:dance: