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noone is telling me...reason im on carbamazapine?



New member
Sep 20, 2009
Im inpatient in a psych ward atm (on leave for weekend)I was admitted for suicidal ideation.
a week after being admitted Itold them that for ages my brain feltlike it was going a million miles an an and 'I didnt know what I was thinking bc if I tried to think what I was thinking actually there was nothing' I told them about a few of the 'weird' moments Ive had 1 inc b4 I went in I was running from rm to rm cleaning,and sitting at my comp my fingers wouldnt go fast enough and there was some random video and I sat trying to think of what her name could be,the times that its happened there always similarities,things get brighter and louder and detail of the most silly things is fascinatingand clear and I generally feel great!which is a rare thing for me!lol also I try to rhyme words or repeat things in my head.It doesnt happen often and when It does its only for a few hours.
Anyway I have been put on carbamazapine,my brain feels calmer(although I dont feel better depression wise im on 40mg fluoxetine aswell)I didnt really kmnow what it was so Ilooked it up on the net and then read about biploar-some of it rang true for me but not the time scales...)rthe other day I asked the doctor why I was getting these episodes and wether I was just losing the plot(I had one a couple hours b4 next tablet was due)and she just said she was going to increase it.
any ideas?
thanks alot!

mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
some ur symptoms sound so familiar and i,ve got bipolor i,m also on carbamazipine i find it,s totally hopeless tho i want off it


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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
I replied to this yesterday and it's not here. I basically said that can have derealization, psychosis and Bipolar at the same time. I have been there and had that happen to me. So don't rule these things out.

Since you are in hospital - ask your Pdoc what you diagnosis is. If it is one of the Dr's who said you're psychotic or depersonalised - then ask for a reason why you are that diagnosis and see if you can get any help there.

Good luck,
Jacqui x

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