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Non-Ordinary Audio Percpetions



Mar 5, 2021
The Plague
The hearing voices movement actually includes ALL non-ordinary perceptions and experiences, but it started out dealing with just voices, because most of the people that get pathologized for non-ordinary perceptions are those that hear voices.

I perceive a range of non-ordinary auditory percpetions and also have at times non-ordinary perceptions in my other 5 senses and experiences that are not shared by many in the mainstream. In the beginning of my experience, my natural hearing was heighted. I could hear very, very well at a heightened level .... to well in fact. Then it moved to the audio from future events then I started experience auditory telepathy (hearing peoples self naration going on in their mind) then I began to hear people that had died, uncarnate beings, extra-terresterial beings, thought broadcasters, and so on.

I have been dealing with this for over twenty years. At times, I used major tranquilzers such as anti-psychotics or anti-anxiety medications and other chemicals to deal in times when it is overwhelming.

Not only have I found people that have the same perceptions (in other senses as well) but also seemingly normal people have heard voices that were talking to me and verified the experience with me.

It is all a lot more common that we are lead to believe. In the Western World, for the most part, non-ordinary perceptions and experiences are represssed from childhood and those that experience them are oppressed and labled. From the anthropological record going back at least 70,000 years, human beings have had roles for those with the perceptions and experiences, we call them shamans, but each tribe or nation had names and for those most gifted. Most people in most indegenous societies use these gifts at some level: to hunt, to find water, to different survival tasks. It was only those most gifted that were taken into the appretiship of a master "shaman". Typically, this talent develops with adolesence but come earlier or later. Some times it is bracketed by a severe mysterious and often life threatening illlness, or series of dreams, or during tramatic event in a tribe, family, or persons life.

(Most of the information I have just provided is from my own experiences over 37 years, researchers in anthropology who have written on the subject, sociologists, and recovery model psychiatry [as opposed to medical model psychiatry].)

I'm kinda wacky and mad, but I can help and I offer myself as a person with lived experience, who struggled with non-ordinary perceptions and experiences, in a materialistic society.


Well-known member
Oct 19, 2020
I agree with you, it may have been used as a survival mechanism to know when your hunted but it developed into shamans etc. And now people use it to control and induce pain in others, pretty sick if you ask me.
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