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No Off Button...



New member
Sep 18, 2015
Not sure where else to put this. I'm diagnosed with PMDD (pre menstrual dysphoric disorder, severe pms). Before that I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar. I was told before I have Borderline Traits, but I also score high on online Asperger's test. I've also looked into hypoglycemia, but because of migraines couldn't do the 12 hour test. I'm very sensitive to meds, and take Prozac only during pmdd. Timing has to be precise, otherwise I have a horrible reaction.

I'm determined to get a hold of myself and any issues. Therapy has been tried, and while I'm open to help, I prefer to work on my own. Currently I'm keeping a monthly/weekly planner. On the month I jot small notes, for weekly I expand. Any issues, possible triggers (even something like food), and improvements. My biggest issues are within my relationship. Dealing with rejection (real or perceived), dealing with constructive criticism, and most importantly not having an off button. It's terribly embarrassing to just not stop. I think I was raised with my fight or flight mode in overdrive, and was never taught much emotion regulation. Regardless of reasons, the only solution is within me. There has to be a way to teach myself to pause, and I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!


Well-known member
Oct 21, 2014
Hi Rose

Welcome to the forum. :welcome:

I sometimes think it is better to work on helping ourselves, although sometimes we really need help from others.

Do you think the current diagnoses fit? Does the Prozac help? What therapy did you try? (There are several and a different one might help more. Also you can find self help books about various therapies and work through them on your own, if you prefer that.)

Hope you enjoy using the forum and find it helpful.

Best wishes, Sarah