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no motivation for anything



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Jan 2, 2015
Hi, so I only just made an account here to post this. I really have no idea where to start, so I will start at the beginning. As far back as I can remember I have always struggle if there is many peoples attention focussed on me, this affected me in primary school all the way to uni. I could not do presentations or answer questions in class without my face going bright red and my hands and legs shaking. At the time I thought it was just me, just who I am. When I was 15 my girlfriend ended up pregnant and by the time I was 16 I had a little baby girl. Who I adore and love very very much. I left school at 16 and went to college for 3 years then followed onto uni for 2 years, halfway through uni my girlfriend (same girlfriend as when i was 15) had our 2nd child, another beautiful baby girl. I had always thought I was normal until recently my partner( who also has some mental health issues after a traumatic experience) mentioned the last few months I had seemed more down that usual. I didnt feel any different and shrugged it off. However i have been thinking about it alot lately and some form of depression or anxiety may be what is going on. For the past few years I have had absolutely no motivation to do anything. I struggled at uni to focus and do the work. My issue with attention on me caused my to be too scared to do my presentation for my dissertation which hurt my grade for that quite a bit. I no longer feel happines doing stuff i use to love. I have put on weight and cant seem to get motivated to loose it. I feel like I have no hope. Currently my girlfriend is off work sick and has been for the past 20 odd weeks due to health issues, we have had to move out our rented house and move in with her parents. I have racked up some credit card debt because its only been me working and im only a year into my career. I am now struggling to get by month to month because I want to pay these bills off will trying to save some money so we can buy a house. I feel so stupid for trying to blame my feelings of being down on a mental health issue when I still have a roof over my head and income and a girlfriend and kids who are happy. I have a doctors appointment next week for something unrealted but my partner thinks i should tell him how i feel. I just dont know.

I know this is mega long, its like my life story. Theres lots i have missed out probably bit still if you read it all.. Then thank you. I just had to tell someone whats been going on l.


Hi hunny sorry to hear you are feeling low . No it's not stupid at all , if you are feeling that low then I would talk to your Doctor and take it from there . As you have children it would also be worth looking into whether you can get any financial help . If you book an appointment with the CAB they should be able to give you some advice . Big hug xxxx
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