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No motivation and anxious.



Well-known member
Dec 13, 2020
I dont have motivation to do anything, not homework/study for my course.

I feel anxious about It and about going to class and I feel anxious about not having a job/girlfriend and thinking is going to take some time. God only knows how long.


New member
Jan 12, 2021
Los Angeles
Mey Miguel, thanks for sharing! It's perfectly nomal to feel anxious sometimes about work, school, and relationships. But it's also important to put everything into perspective. You aren't the only person who struggles with motivation; not by a long way! We all do to some extent. Same goes for not having a girlfriend or a job - we all go through this at some stage. It's important to remember that, and that tough times always come to an end!

When I was incredibly anxious it was due to work. I found that stopping drinking alcohol and caffeine, setting myself a strict routine, and exercising a little each day helped a lot.
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