No more pure ocd



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Feb 11, 2019
Great Britain
Hi just wanted to write a quick message as I have been meaning too for a long time.
When I was 21 I developed pure ocd I had this for 2 horrific years of my life and then with a lot of self training (ERP mainly) it’s settled down to being mild for many years and bearable.
The next phase when I was 25 I had unbearable pure ocd (I’ve never spoken to anyone about the intrusive thoughts) it was so bad that I was completely depressed and it just happened as I got a lovely girlfriend who I was very happy with, I couldn’t do much for the next year although I forced myself into going out to the pub and seeing friends etc. All I wanted was time to ruminate along constantly trying to figure out why this had happened to me again, the first thoughts upon waking were constant pure ocd and all the way until night, I couldn’t hold a conversation or do anything at all without my head whirring with these unpleasant thoughts. Eventually I started ERP again alone at home thinking that I would never be cured, all I wanted was to be 65 so I could retire and ruminate all day and not have to live with this. Well over a few months of ERP I was much better until the pure ocd just finally faded away. I could go into more detail but I want people to know that I’m 6 years completely ocd free and I know that this can never happen to me again, I just hadn’t dealt with it well enough at 21, I had just made it much milder. So this should be a message to other sufferers that there is a way out, no matter the doubts I know from experience you will have. Thanks Ste.


Feb 17, 2019
Congrats on recovering! Very happy for you :) and remember if it ever comes back again, you'll know how to deal with it and it doesn't discount your progress.


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Jan 15, 2019
Loki, what was your ERP like? I'm very confused about mental compulsions and ERP.