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No more pills or hospitalizations



Well-known member
Aug 28, 2011
Hello. I am often brought to the hospital by police. I find this very angering and degrading. I was even severely beaten by police officers and made to carry out a sentence of court diversion and my family thinks I assaulted an officer and even expressed it vocally to me. Also I made an appointment to see my psychiatrist and I was brought to a room where I was made to do an on the spot blood test. There was a person with an injection of something that I do not know what it was and then I was brought insurance papers. I told them I do not want to sign papers and then tried to walk home but I was attacked by security guards and thrown to the ground and injected in the bare buttocks.

Confusion is what I am experiencing about these hospitalizations. As I said, I find it demeaning and degrading and offensive and bad for my self esteem, but on top of that, I am not told who brought me to the psychiatric hospital. It seems the city I am living in is confusing me. I am thinking of moving out of my city. Often when I am in the hospital I am made to do questionable things like being injected with water if they feel I am not drinking enough water, do blood test after blood test, and sign paperwork that I did not read.

So I am confused and angry.


Well-known member
Jun 19, 2015
That sounds terrible. I never accept anything they give me unless I know what it is. Do they consider you a threat to yourself or others?
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