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No longer on medication, feel myself slipping back again



Jan 3, 2019
So I did as people advised and went to my GP, and was later referred to the crisis team. I ended up being prescribed both fluoxetine and quetiapine as a result.

Over the period of a month of taking these, I began to feel better (not completely, of course, but not as bad as I felt prior). As a result, I was discharged from the crisis team and pretty much sent on my way after having my blood tested for stuff.

I have not been given any prescription since- pretty much just left alone after I finished the 4th week on them. Since then I have been feeling worse, in some regards more than I had before. Despite no longer experiencing hallucinations, my energy is more all over the place (some days I won't sleep, other days I'll sleep for about 16 hours), my appetite is all over the place (some days I eat a lot, other days I can't bring myself to eat anything) and my mood is extremely low. I don't know what to do- I feel pretty weird about going back, especially as my family thinks that I'm doing a lot better now.

I'm also starting to self harm again, and that's gotten worse too. I feel like I'm trapped--I don't want to go back for the aforementioned reason, and as I'd feel weird if I was put back into the hands of the crisis team despite being recently discharged from them. I'm breaking down regularly and I'm starting to miss lectures again.
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Mar 6, 2016
Do you have a regular therapist or psychiatrist you can go to who will prescribe you regular medication which you can stay on. Unfortunately most mental illnesses are not one time ordeals that you take some pills and you are cured and can just live happily ever after. It takes some adjusting but living with a chronic mental illness is very doable on medication and generally much better than living off medication. I've found that out the hard way many times. I know it's harder than heck to accept at times but medicine is what can keeps us well, out of trouble and we need to stay on it.