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No longer depressed when I'm psychotic



Well-known member
May 4, 2020
Now for two times, once there is no more antipsychotic medication in my body, right before and while being in a psychotic state my mood suddenly stabilizes to what I would consider 'normal'. I have been depressed for the past 3 years while being on antipsychotics but have been taking them for 8 years now. Does anyone have the same experience or knows whether this could be related? Currently on Paliperidone


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
I’m on paliperidone and it hasn’t been the case for me.


Apr 20, 2020
i am on paliperidone and i am depressed too. i went off meds for some time and felt really good/stable for first 1-2 months then depression struck then i became stable again but since going on paliperidone 1.5 month later i became depressed again. it's supposed to stabilize mood but it sedates me so much that i become depressed. i want to be off it. i was on it last year too for 4-5 months and it did the same thing. sedated me and depressed me just like this time.


Well-known member
Jul 7, 2020
Seek doctors advice is all i can say.
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