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No friends



Hello and thanks for reading.
I've been on this forum for some time now and I mostly just read. Now I have a question and I would like to know if someone can relate to this.

I don't have any friends at all. When I was a child I had a few and everyone liked me. Now I'm in high school and I haven't had friends for years. I don't like people in general to say the least. I can't talk to them and don't like being near them. I can be nice and funny but I really hate it. I end conversations as soon as I can because I want to be left alone.
Always feel very uncomfortable when given a hug or something, even if it's just parents. People like to invade my personal space it annoys me. They can be kind of pathetic and emotional.

I've noticed that I don't like anyone and can't make bonds. I sometimes hang out with my neighbour and she views me like her best friend. I'm just there because I'm bored.
I've never met a person that I was interested in. To tell the truth I sometimes think myself above peers. I get described as irresponsible and unpredictable. I like to do stuff on my own and don't rely on anyone. But people that talk to me seem to like me.
Family thinks I have strange interests. I like to think and observe. I describe my ideas, thay call them radical. Parents say that my thoughts are dark, but I can convince people in anything.

I'd like to know if anyone can relate to this. And is it possible not to be attached to anyone?
If you read all of this: Thank you :).


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I wonder as well if there are any clubs or activities you can get involved in, where you can meet new people who share a hobby or passion.
Sometimes if there's no common ground between you and someone else, then things can be uninteresting.. it's nobody's fault necessarily, just that some people just don't gel well together.


Sep 25, 2014
I think I understand your situation. I've been (well, maybe I still am) in the same one. But let me just ask you this one: do you feel the same way towards other creatures? Animals? On one hand, pets, on the other, do you feel this certain dislike towards... I don't know... do you have mosquitoes there? Pets who bite?

My negative feelings I believe are originated from dissatisfaction, distrust, and at the end but as the most important, the inability to react naturally. If you are raised to respect the rules, excuse me for the expression, but you are screwed, because your hands are tied. Of course, your situation might be something completely different, I'm just making a rough guess here.
Have you ever felt agression towards people? Have you tried to express it, and if yes, how did it end?

If you simply "dislike" the way people behave, you might want to give it a try to meet other people. And as for I know what most of them are like, I'm talking about people of different age (my siblings say that they know someone in the capital whom I would probably get along well... it might be easier to find people of your level in a more serious environment, like a university), or penpals for example.
If you have trust issues like me, please contact me once you've found the solution. *imagine a smiley here (sorry, I'm uncomfortable using smilies)* Meantime get a pet, they are not protected by human conventions, so as long as you treat them by "nature's laws", it will always be fair, you bite each other, but you won't ever have an argument: it's just a way to spend time, a way to play. Although it's easy for me, since I'm not the owner, I do not have to teach and nurture (now as I think about it that's one of the reasons for me not having a horse, I didn't want to be an owner, I just wanted to be a playmate... anyway, just think about it, whether you'd like it or not; and why)

And of course, if nothing else, make changes to like yourself. I've been through a big change recently, and I often "miss the old me". To be honest, I'm not sure how good this last one is for an advice. I was basically a hermit, maybe it only works if you spend your days alone and receive barely any stimuli from the outside.

Anyway, you are not alone with this. Things will work out eventually.
Take care!


New member
Dec 18, 2014
I can understand your situation. My lack of friends is due to a lack of trust because of my past experiences with many people. Perhaps you could go to places you enjoy and engage in casual conversation. Who knows? You may meet a potential friend.
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