No appetite, can't eat, throwing up when eating



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Jan 16, 2019
So about 2 years ago, i suddenly couldn't eat or dring anything. It came out of the blue, no warning. I woke up one day after not sleeping almost at all and threw up. I tried to eat but had no appetite and felt very nauseous. This lasted a long long time, I went to a psychologist for 3 months which was no help and then a psychiatrist for about 8 months now. With time, after about a year and a lot of diazepam and anxiety medication I eventually overcame the disorder almost completely. The last few months were the happiest I have ever been. But the happiness was short lived. Two days ago I woke up, threw up and felt the worst loss of appetite I had ever experienced, every time I take a bite of food I have to lay down and meditate to keep it in. It takes me hours to eat a small meal. I am still on the same medication and am very worried about this. Why did it come back? What do I do? I'm dehydrated and hungry but can't eat or drink. Also it's worth noting the feeling of strong nausea never fully went away even when I was feeling OK, every time I had to leave my home to go somewhere I felt really nauseous but it was manageable.


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Jan 5, 2011
:welcome: to the forum. I would say that usually there is a trigger to events like this, so can you think of anything that might have happened, been said, or whatever that might have started this up all over again?

Remember you are not in the same place as last time. You have learned a lot since the last episode and you can put that into effect. I would advise that you tell your MH team though and get help as soon as possible. The sooner they can get on top of this with you, the better.
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