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Apr 14, 2019
I had a nightmare last night about things ending with my boyfriend, and then soon after that I was like o I get to meet new people and I felt all happy. Once that registered in my brain I was so upset and scared that I had that thought. Does it mean I don’t love my boyfriend? Should I end things with him because of that? I don’t want to lose him. I really care about him. But I remember my counselor once telling me that thoughts are just thoughts they don’t mean anything. But what if this is how I truly feel and I’m in denial or something. I’m just really bothered by it. I want to tell myself it’s just my ocd thoughts but I doubt that they are sometimes. Also I’ve had these thoughts about meeting new people when I did lose someone in a relationship and it made things better. But how do I know that was just a thought then, and it’s an intrusive thought now? Any advice?
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nightmares usually come from a place of fear or worry, it doesn't mean it will really happen or that's who you really are
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