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Night Folks



I really am logging off now. Have been drawn back several time this evening. This forum is addictive. There should be a new sub forum on it for support of forum addicts. I've had my fix now, but don't you find so often that you only intend to be on line for five minutes and before you know it you are caught in this cycle of interaction we call social networking and an hour has passed. You peeps just read so well! Have had a great day today. Went to my voluntary job, came home and cooked up a storm in the kitchen (fabulous curry). Reminded myself of Indian Deli close by and have decided to go soon and buy mountains of samosas and bahjees. Looking forward to festive meal at Buddhist centre on Saturday. Nice curry taste in mouth. My bed collapsed at the weekend, so for now I'm sleeping on my sofa bed with remnants of my curry around me. Celebration today, is realising again that it's ok to do things in my own unique way. Happiest memory of today is having a feather duster fight at work. Thing that I ma most grateful for is that my brother my two young nieces who were in a car crash at the weekend are unhurt. Car written off and they are unscathed. By now, genuinely going, going, gone D xxxxx


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Jun 25, 2013
Night night xx

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