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Nick Clegg in Facebook Q&A



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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
But since there aren't going to be any LibDem MPs after the election, it's all a bit pointless.
Haha - d'ya reckon?

Well, can't say i've fully read the whole lot of it, but he seems to be either saying the right thing or tactfully dodging the real question.
We'll see what happens.

One question that caught my eye re: how crap crisis teams are, he says they're going to put £30million into crisis care.
It's all very well throwing money at it, but attitudes and approaches need to change.
There needs to be more accountability for those who work as part of the crisis team who leave patients worse off, who are negligent and in some cases downright abusive.

There's this one prick from my local crisis team who has really emotionally scarred me, because he of the way he treated me. A sack of manure probably would have been treated with more respect.:mad: