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Newcomer with long term Anxiety 'experience'.



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May 14, 2019
Hello ......Although I have experienced periodic low/mid level anxiety/depression for many many years this is my first post on an 'Anxiety' Forum. Having tried many options to control my anxiety (with litttle success) I am still hopeful of finding maybe a fresh approach to better management of my problem so here goes with a bit of background.
I am now in my 80's, quite fit physically with nothing more than a few joint problems which I can handle. However my life could of course be more enjoyable if my anxiety level reduced further. Let me say I have no personal or financial worries so I am so lucky in that respect. In a bad period many years ago I had 1/1 consultation with Psychiatrist resulting in the standard prescription for anti-depressions drugs which made me worse, 6 session consultation with a Psychologist which did pull me through my dark period. Group therapy, Natural supplement tablets etc. etc.... after all this I still find my low dose (5mg Diazapan) taken infrequently as and when anxiety kicks in to be my best solution.
Recently I have been able to have the loan of an Orion Optimum Relaxation Instrument with programs loaded for Anxiety and Relaxation and perhaps finding it beneficial and I am considering purchase of something similar or naybe a full blown CES device such as Alpha Stim would help.
My Anxiety 'kicks off' in quite definitive situations..... (a) When I am not feeling well (or thinking I am not feeling well ) (b) Travel - which I love but have to go through some anxiety before and during period away from home, again, seemingly provoked by being anxious about leaving my 'safe' environment and wondering if I am going to be ill when away (this has never happened in respect of physical illness, only mental and I have actually had on occasion had to break off a holiday and return home ( to my safety zone). I can get very enthusiastic about planning a trip but when it is done and as the time to go nears, I can be found thinking very negatively of how I might get out of actually going - ridiculous I know !!! Another downside of my anxiety problem is that it sparks off significant increases in my BP hypertension - here I have a bit of a catch 22 situation in that when my BP is high for natural reasons I can get anxious and conversely, when I am anxious my BP increases.
Apologies if this all appears a bit of a "muddled' picture. Would appreciate any feedback form anyone with similar symptoms who may have found some solution. Also would appreciate any feedback/recomenations on use of Light Sound or CES devices.


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Feb 18, 2019
Delaware, USA
Hi my friend, welcome. I'm sure your story in general would be inspirational having dealt with anxiety longer than most of us. I don't have any great answers for you on stim devices, I don't know much about them I'm afraid.

The fact that you are getting through despite your anxiety triggers, and you know what they are is good. Have you ever done cognitive behavioral therapy to work on your triggers and relaxation exercises? do they work for you?

I have recently started yoga, that is a great mix of mind/body exercise and relaxation, I would always recommend that in addition to therapy if you haven't already been there done that.