Newby with Bipolar



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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
I'm not sure tbh, my next psych appointment is on tuesday so hopefully *crosses fingers* will get sorted then! Something to do with not sure if its I or II? :s

I've been told to keep a diary so I and my boyfriend can see if there's a pattern and see if there's any triggers too. It's just a lot to do :|

I don't tend to think WHY lol, just that they are :unsure: My boyfriend always tells me he loves me and the BP is an added extra lol! "At the end of the day I love you and everything that comes with you" is his usual thing and like your partner it's an illness and it might pass. :)

Thanks looney tune ellamental your post really made me smile :) Hope your toasted sandwich was nice!!

Lozzi :flowers:
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