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newby on this site - after some advice



Jun 17, 2008
east, england
hi everyone i'm new to this forum so first of all hello to everyone.
i've suffered with severe depression/anxiety and possible ocd for several years.
i'm having a rough time at the moment and could really do with some advice.
sorry to go into so much detail so quickly but really could do with someone to talk to !
my dr is referring me to a psychiatrist - but i'm very worrid about it as the last one i saw seemed to be obsessed with my sex life and not a lot else ! i'm sure it was a one off but i didn't find it very helpful !
anyway i'm on citalopram and amitriptyline for my depression and olanzapine for episodes of mania.
my behaviour at the moment has got very odd and i've read a lot of stuff about bi polar and wondered if this is what's going on.
without going into a full blown essay here are my symptoms: general depression, severe and constant lethargy, severe irritability/ agression, episodes of extreme highs ( over spending / organising social activites that never come to fruition etc ) . the agitation and agression i get is sometimes all consuming. i lay in bed thinking of all the wrong people have done to me and the revenge i can get on them.
2 things that i find terrible are - songs going round my head . i don't just mean the usual humming after hearing something on the radio - i mean incessant tunes going round and roung and ound until i want to scream ! i also get these `ticks' kind of . at the moment it's constant clenching of my teeth- i can feel i'm doing it and try to stop it but have to keep doing it . i know a lot of people have habits but this is really out of control. every now and then i'll get a different one .
anyway i'm gonna sign off for now - thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice most appreciated. thanks :)


Let your psychiatrist diagnose you, that's always best.

Meanwhile, keep coming back and posting and I'm sure you'll find help and hopefully be able to give some!

Olanzapine is very good, I take it from time to time. Join in where you feel you want to and welcome.


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May 28, 2008
Babies and bathwater

I'm with Dollit on this - self diagnosis is a tricky thing and almost invariably a bit wonky. I've got a degree in psychology and misdiagnosed myself quite merrily.

I found that an open and honest relationship with my psychiatrist really helped (Although it was a bit scary)

Like in any walk of life - you'll find that there are different types and quality of psychiatrist.

Were you ever in a position where you felt comfortable enough to ask them why they were so interested in your sex life? There are a number of possible (legitimate) reasons for this - but it would be best to get it from them.

So my advice would be - speak openly and honestly with the psychiatrist, do not self diagnose and, if you feel the inclination, get in touch with the last psych to find out why they were following that line of questioning.

Alternatively, you have the right to have access to your medical records and notes. If you do this, it might be useful to have some support when looking through them - whether it be from a professional type or a supportive friend/ family member.



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