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Jul 26, 2008
Hi, just joined today.

I need help for my brother desperately.
Can I ask how my mum would go about getting him sectioned under the mental health act? This may seem extreme, but today he was suicidal (not the first time) and he had agreed that he has a problem and is willing to do more than going back to a counsellor. He feels posessed by something that makes him aggressive (although, he had not harmed anybody).
He moved in with us a year and a half ago due to depression, he has lost his job and had been attending Auchenlea House in Glasgow and has been discharged recently. He still takes medication but has hit an all time low due to events this weekend. I have never seem him so desperate.

Please can anyone help me?


To be sectioned you have to be a danger to yourself or others. You have to be seen by two different psychiatrists. Having suicidal thoughts (suicidal ideation) isn't the same as being suicidal and wanting to kill yourself. I do know this from personal experience.

If your brother is or has had psychiatric care recently he can call the crisis team - he will (or should have) been given the number. Or he can call the Samaritans to talk 08457 90 90 90 anytime.

The best way your mum and you can help is to listen to him. Let him talk. Take him seriously when he talks to you and make him feel loved.

I hope this helps.


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May 28, 2008
mental health in scotland

Hi, I agree with Dollit completely.

Talk to him and support him all you can. If you feel this isn't working ask yourself - what has happened in the past? Has he ever attempted suicide? Has he ever hurt anyone? If there isn't an emergency just now, look after him and make an appointment with his GP if need be and take him along and support him through it - whatever 'it' is. I would always look at using the mental health (scotland) act as a last resort. If you feel this is an emergency - by which I mean, is your brother in immediate danger to himself - or to others. If you and he believe that to be the case then read on.

The law in scotland - is slightly different from England in that you can be sectioned by a GP - usually with the assistance of a Mental Health Officer (A specially trained Social Worker) - but if there is an emergency and a mental health officer is not available, the GP can have someone admitted for - I think - 24 hours for assessment.

If your brother is saying he is unwell and is accepting help then his next step should be to approach his GP - you could support him with this. If your brother feels he is going to hurt himself or someone else now then you should contact nhs 24 on 08454 242424. If he is willing to go into hospital - then there will be no need to section him - if the GP feels he should go into hospital, then he can be admitted voluntarily.

hopefully this helps.




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Dec 18, 2007
Hello and :welcome: to MHF :flowers:

Hope you get some support regarding your brother.


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Jul 28, 2008

hello, new here.

about me - struggling in general and not getting much support, so tend to be quite isolated, and I hate it!

Long for the day when instead of watching BritFlick films where groups of mates get together and have a really good laugh, that one day I will find a good group of true friends where we would be socialising and laughing - oh, how I miss that.

It'll happen again, but a lot going on right now,things getting in the way, holding me back.

Isolated, but always attempting to keep myself occupied or at least have one nice thing lined up todo within the foreseeable future, even though most of the time I am on my own.

Anyhow, a depressing introduction, but this is where I'm at! Have I come to the right place :unsure::D


You're in the right place, good to see you. Join in and you'll soon feel at home.


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Jul 28, 2008
think I just posted in someone's thread by mistake, so apols for that!
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