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Feb 12, 2015
New to this site.

I have always worried for as long as I can remember, but I have always been able to function and get by without too much interference. I remember elementary school was rough, high school as a little better, and post secondary was a breeze, as were the first several years after. It seemed the older I got the better I was able to handle it.

About 7 years ago I started a new job. About a year later I had severe pains, from head to toe shoot through my body on several instances. I thought heart attack at first, but being 23 without any history of heart disease in the family, it seemed unlikely. Doctors ran every test in the book and said it MUST me a muscle issue, however the physiotherapist and massage therapist have been unable to help.

Since than I have had constant pain in my chest, muscle tightness, developed a twitch that comes and goes, neck and back pain, digestive problems, irritable bowels and pain in my hands. I am constantly tired, regardless of how much sleep I get, I worry about EVERYTHING, no matter how stupid and unrealistic it is. I expect the absolute worst case scenario to happen with everything. I am always on edge, quick to anger, frustrated. I don't want to do anything or go out anymore, not because I am afraid, but I just don't have the energy or want the hassle. I really dislike social situations and there are times when I feel like there is no hope and everything is caving in on me... and the list goes on.

I've been pulling myself together for work, but I completely fall apart the second I get home. Thankfully I fell into some luck and an extending period of time off work. I was really starting to wonder how much longer I could keep going. My boss has his own mental health issues and that has just made everything worse for me.

I haven't been to my doctor to discuss this issue specifically. I have mentioned it off hand a few times, but he has not questioned it at all. Hell, I worry about bringing the issue up with him and whether he will believe me or not.

Anyway, that's my introduction.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum, Titus. :hi:

It's really difficult when your body seems to be constantly aching and not working as you'd like it to be, but don't under-estimate the effect that stress and anxiety can have physically.
Personally, i've found it difficult to accept that mental health can cause me to feel so physically unwell, but it really does.

Anyway, I think relaxation techniques like Amathus has suggested is a really good place to start if it's not something you've already tried.


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Jan 7, 2015
Hey Titus,

How are you now?

I too like you have always been a worrier and spend too much time thinking.

The last 12 months I've suffered with health anxiety since a dentist appointment January 2014 sent me for a referral over an unclear X-ray. Anyway I've nearly convinced myself I've had around 20 serious illnesses.

I do a lot of walking now, Avoid too much tv, computers etc etc And caffeine. For me it's about distracting myself either seeing family or friends or occupying my mind at work or hobby.

Hope things improve for you, but don't be too hard on yourself all the time.

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