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Mar 13, 2010
I am new to this site and looking for help and advice on were to go to get treatment for the man i love.

My partner will be 40 this year and we have been toghter for 4 years, he has had to move in and out of the family home a few times over that perod due to his behaviour and addiction issues.

With my partner there are two people, the great kind caring man and then there is the other irrational, depressed man, He can be like jykle and hyde. Then can be fine for a few weeks where everything goes well and bang it is all gone to pot again.

He can be at times so happy and appears normal then he can become over powering and and can quite agititaed, using horrible language and trwating me badly. He then appears to think how he has acted is normal then a few days later become really low and cry, say he sorry and begs for forgiveness.. sadly each time is getting harder to forgive and i know in my heart something is seriously wrong.

We have been to gps and the have put him anti depressants and they have made no diffreence to him, i am starting to think and feel he may have manic depression and dont kno where to get help, any adivce would be great, xx i will post all his other syptoms on another forum more suitable.


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May 25, 2009
Welcome to the forum.

I have replied as best I can to your similar post in the bipolar forum:)