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Newbie to the forums



New member
Dec 13, 2018
HELLO!! I won’t really put my name out there yet haha but I’m looking for some advice . I don’t wanna use the word depressed yet but for years I’ve always had suicidal thoughts . I believe I’m very ugly . I got attacked when I was younger and I never did anything about it . Years later I’m crying myself to sleep. As I get older I’m actually scared I won’t find love which is odd since I never really thought like that growing up . I feel lonely sometimes I look up ways to kill myself . I don’t think I’ll do it but i know it’s unhealthy to think it as much as me . I’m sorry if I’m typing this in the wrong place or I offend somebody somehow. I'm just looking for some answers honestly . Thank you for reading this !


Well-known member
Feb 28, 2018
Hi. :)

I think as we get older, we do feel more of an urge for love/companionship. This is completely normal. No one wants to be alone forever, right. I think everyone suffers with insecurities, but that can be even more so when we have depression or any other mental illness. You may have self-image issues, based on what you have mentioned, which is nothing to be ashamed of and thankfully is something everyone is able to work on.

If you believe that you are thinking of harming yourself at an unhealthy rate, then you should seek professional help. Even if you may not ever put the thoughts into action, as you mentioned it's not a very healthy thing to be thinking about. It's hard to really divulge all our thoughts and emotions to someone we don't know, but being in therapy is a safe place and I believe very beneficial to our well-being and recovery.

Something to think about anyway. Good luck!
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