Newbie struggling with BPD and chronic untelated health oroblems



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Jun 11, 2019
Hampshire uk
Hi, I'd like to thank anyone in advance who may read this and reply or just can relate to my situation.
I was diagnosed BPD about 30yrs ago. I've taken antidepressants but they don't seem to help anymore. My gp/Local Mental Health nurse say I need to attend self help/CBT courses. I take a lot of meds for long term chronic health due to faulty genes and CFS/meds make me sleep a lot so I'm concerned that if I miss a couple of sessions I'll be taken off the list. I did explain this and I'm also on full disability benefit for care/mobility. The consensus is 'we won't give you meds to stabilise your mood so get on with it'. I'm not taking maximum dose of my happy pills and I'm not making excuses, just think if I can get my moods/sleep pattern regulated I'll be better able to cope with the rest! I'm frustrated that my gp and hospital depts don't liase and pass the buck so I'm going round in circles. I've lost everything and everyone cos I'm hard work. I've always been a misfit and do try to be positive n proactive. My body can't heal itself so I'm fatigued n now have a low immunity system.
I've done a lot of work on myself yet feel I'm treading water. I don't know anyone in a similar situation and know many are much worse off, I'm either manic or suicidal, it's the extremes and unpredictability I struggle with. But I've managed to book swimming n diet classes so I'm sure that'll help.
Sorry, I didn't mean to waffle, not slept all week and can't focus enough to edit this. Whilst I don't have answers, I'm a good listener so happy to do what I can, the distraction might help me also! Thanks x


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Jan 27, 2019
:welcome: to the Forum. I can relate to the not sleeping part of your post and most of the things you said. I am excited tht you are going to swim classes this way you will get around others and know you are not alone. I am sorry about your physical problems. The BPD I know is like a roller coaster. Keeping yourself busy will help both mentally and physically. How are you doing spiritually? Something is keeping you above water.

You know what I had to finally do about sleep is just accept that I am awake and now I get up all hours of the night. I still stress that I did not get enough sleep but my body seems wide awake and has no problems with sleeping It is all in my head. I did get on Trazodone for sleep and has helped quite a bit. It is tough I know all to well.

Wishing lots of happiness today Big hugs


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Jun 15, 2019
South West UK
Welcome I've just joined and I have similar disabilities to you.

Can you get any support workers in from your local area that specialise in mental health? I mean community care. I've made an agreement on my care plan that when I start mentally pushing my home carers away (I swore at one once because I wanted to kill myself at the time) they do a care plan review. This year I managed to ring up and ask for a care review because I was tempted to snap at my carers.

I found colorimeter glasses to be beneficial for my CFS when I was unwell. They filtered out the wavelengths of light that were overloading my brain.

I also found doing a food elimination diet helpful, benzoates turn me into a monster so I avoid them at all costs, gluten and dairy also affect me, pineapple hurts my joints as does bromelain.

Some supplements help me as well.

Right now your brain and body are sending out more signals than you can cope with but you are strong for getting this far and can tune out these signals or attend to them, I believe in you.
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