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Newbie sorry it's so long.



New member
May 17, 2010
Hi all i'm a newbie here, been reading some of the posts and everyone seems so welcoming that i've decided to take the plunge.
Basically i'm 24 and have been suffering with depression, anxiety and self harm since I was 12-13, maybe younger, i can't remember ever really being happy it all seems to blurr.
Growing up I used to self harm to cope with the emotions bought on by my alcoholic dad. My mum was my rock, she was so strong and always there for me. She died when I was 19 and since then i've just felt so alone and unable to cope. I've got so used to putting on the front that everythings ok that it's just a way of life now, but i'm exhausted from it. I have psoriasis as well which is made worse by stress and at the moment it's unbearable. the last 3 years i've been training to be a nurse something which i love doing, however a month before qualifying i've dropped off the course due to my psoriasis and depression being so bad. My attendance had become problematic for various reasons and the lecturers have spent the last 3 years telling me i'd never get a job because of it. they've no idea whats been going on, they just judge then walk away. i've given up fighting them, i dont have the energy. I've ended up moving back home with my dad which isn't ideal but i'm trying day by day to get on with it. I went to my old flat last week to pic up my stuff only to find out my old flatmates have thrown everything out.. it's soul destroying. I dont know where to turn anymore. i took myself off citalopram just before christmas as i felt i was starting to feel better, but its been a downhill spiral since then. I've just registered with a new doctor but missed my first appointment as i couldnt face going. i really need to sort my life out but dont know what to do.
Thanks to those who've read this, sorry its such a long post, as i started typing it just came out so sorry for that. If i can be of help to anyone i'll do me best!


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2010
Welcome hun.Been through the mill a bit huh?I'm surprised you moved back home since you blame your dads alcoholism for your depression?Only you can take control of your future and you really should see the doctor love.Have you thought of counselling?There are some telephone counsellors you can google which maybe a start.If Mohammed won't go to the mountain.......


Hi soscrewedup,

Your's was a very descriptive message. I'm glad that you were able to write so eloquently about your situation. Life can be a very hard slog: but have the hope that things will get better for you. "Hope" can give you strength. I have found that in order to overcome problems you have to learn as much as you can. My advice would be for you to pursue any interest that you have, as well as persevering in the struggle you currently have in coping.

Best Wishes.
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