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newbie need advice/chat please help me



New member
Jun 9, 2010
hi im new here, i have been diagnosed with anti-natal depression ( i have had it with every one of my children ) and am taking meds ( when i remember !) my little one is 19 mnths now, but over the past few days i am feeling very low, i feel like im spiraling down and cant stop and im going to crash down hard, i ahve 4 children and work 3 hrs in evenings but cant be bothered with anything, really want to forget work, its so stressful im a supervisor for a cleaning company been doing it for 4 mnths but was just left to get on with everything, i never done job before, and dont get any support from boss, am on verge of telling them to stick it. i dont want to get up in morning, i even find myself driving to work in a daze and thinking what would happen if i drove the car into that tree !!! then i think what about my babies that would upset them, i think thats all thats stopping me, im really scared, i tried to explain this to hubby, but he cant seem to understand he thinks im just putting myself down, but i feel its so much more, i dont know how to explain it to him, hes recently been made redundant and is home but i feel so alone, i tried to get doc app but will have to try again 2moro, just need to talk to someone, anyone before i do something


See Doctor asap

Most Welcome, Sorry to hear you have post natal depression , my young sister suffered from it, so I know how bad it is !!
Please go see your Doctor ASAP !!
You really need help to deal with this and you will get help, understanding and support,
I am sure other forum members will post to you from a female point of view better than I can !!
Just know you are not alone, we support you but please see your Doctor as soon as ??:welcome:


See your doctor. It's hard for your husband and for the children, but it's not your fault - it is a propr condtion. I should also seeThe family planning service, as you now hae three children, and any more might be just too much. Talkk to your doctor about this as there may be family pallning at the surgery. Are yous till in contct withthe Health Visitor? She might give you some support too. Takecare. I am ue these felings will pass, and you will enjoy the children.


Well-known member
Apr 25, 2010

hello i had post natal and i had two babies three teens and no support i neaely went mad. agraphobic and so low i know you must be so sad you need to taalk about how u feel i found mothers for mothers in bristol. its a telephone charity. 01179756006 they may know of organisation near u. i recoverd and you can too. message me whenever u want i found the bst thing that helped was talking and admittin how ill i felt. i got pregnant whilst still post natally depressed so i had to make decision about continuing with pregnancy . bekind to yourself x


Well-known member
Apr 25, 2010

hope u manage to get to dr. i noticed around pregnancy and my periods i am def more unstable. i recon the hormones fluctuatin have a connection. so u more vulnerable. u need to look after u health not run uself into ground. you husband wont necessarily help he may have no understandin depression u probably feel scared but u can work through long as u get support x
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