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Newbie here



Nov 24, 2008
Hello everyone, I just joined the forums here and figured I'd introduce myself.

I'm Steve, a 20 year old university student from Philadelphia. I play soccer (looks like a lot of you are from the UK so I apologize in advance for the irritation the word "soccer" might cause you :p) here on the school team. I enjoy playing guitar and video games, and watching sports on TV, particularly American football and hockey. I love listening to music, mostly into heavy metal and such but I have a pretty diverse collection (eg. I have every album made by both Led Zeppelin and Eminem).

I was diagnosed with depression about 3 or 4 years ago. I was always wary of anti-depressants because of the teen suicide risk. I went to a therapist for a while but for reasons I dont feel like explaining, I can no longer afford to go and thus I've been down in the shitter for a while, especially now that winter is here. I'm hoping that maybe you can help me get through it, whether it be with advice or just having people to talk to that know what I'm going through. I'll try to do whatever I can to help others out too.

Looking forward to getting acquainted here.


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Hiya Steeeve and :welcome:

Everyone on here is dead nice so feel free to post as much as you want. Maybe starting a blog to vent your feelings off? Sorry to hear you had to stop the AD's, but medication isn't the be all and end all for helping with mental illness :).

Take care
Lozzi :hug:
silly madam

silly madam

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Oct 22, 2008
Hello Steve,
Well done for joining the forum. I have been on here for about 2 months now and i find it a great place to express how i feel and also feel part of a family of people that understand.
Hope youre happy here too.


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Jun 15, 2008
North West
Welcome to the forum Steve. Hope you find what you need here :hug:


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Founding Member
May 27, 2008
Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. It's a great place to be and to chat with people who share similar situations and illnesses. There's a good bunch of people here that are incredibly supportive and friendly. I look forward to chatting with you in the future as someone who also suffers from depression.


Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. Just join in where you feel comfortable and there's nearly always someone around to say hi.
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