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newbie and very unsure



New member
Jul 3, 2009
:)Hi Im a newbie and extremly unsure. three days ago i finally got diagnosed with bipolar 2, after beeing on numerious antidepressents over the years ans the local gp's though it was just depression. now i am a little hazed and scared of what to do next, next week I got to go back to physcatrist to collect the correct medication - mood stabilizers. but in general i do not know where to turn to next or how to try and live a normal life as i dont know what normal is, even though i am married and have two children. does anyone know where i can get information about this disorder and how to start to deal with it correctly.


New member
Jul 3, 2009
thank you for your reply and advice, will take a look at the link.
once again thank you


Well-known member
May 8, 2009
Your welcome
Hope you get what you are looking for
hope you are ok
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