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Newbie and Frustrated!!!



New member
Jan 21, 2010
Hello All,
I am new to the site,so i would like to start off by thanking everyone who takes the time reading this and thanks to the people responsible for the creation of this site. I am 37,male, married 19yrs,3 children,18,17,12.
I have a history of mental illness in my family,my brother is diagnosed with OCD,panic attacks and anxiety. Mom suffers with depression.It goes down the line in my family.... I suffer from depression as well as anxiety and panic attacks as well. Currently I am taking Trazodone 150 mg. I have taken many other meds as well as doing a clinical trial for Astra Zeneca (spell?)
I have a very addictive personality, I suffered with alcohol for a few years and after a few trips to jail and a DWI back in 2003 i think, and almost losing my family I quit back in April of 09. I have not touched a drink since. I also quit smoking 4 years ago.
My wife is driving me crazy. She keeps saying that I act wierd, saying that i act different from one day to the next..she keeps asking me what im on...accusing me of taking drugs...i asked her tonight,what did i do tonight that was wierd...did i walk backwards or something...she cant tell me ...she just says i dont know..you just aint yourself...ask your kids...they see it too.. I am not doing anything other than taking my Trazodone 150mg before i go to bed...that is freaking it...i am at my wits end...i told her..you know what...im gonna start taking stuff just so when you accuse me its true. Its to the point now that I'm about ready to pack up my stuff and get out. Im sorry if this sounds really dumb..which im sure it does...
Thanks for your time and for letting me vent.... any help would be so greatly appreciated...


Well-known member
Oct 20, 2009

Hi , its is not that unusual to be accused of things like that if you have just started a new medication, you dont say when you started the Trazodone, may be you could read


and also get your othe half to read it and see if it bears anything out, it may also be that your health has changed because you have given up the other drug and alkihol, and that they have/are worked themselves out of your system, to be honest it could be any thing.

If you are correct about what you are saying , the only thing I can suggest is to sit down with your other half and lay it out that you are sinsear about what you say, and that you dont understand what it is that she is talking about, ie lay it out and that you dont know where to go from here with it.....

... hope this helps ... boB

quality factor

Hi and :welcome: to the forum,
hope you find some help here.



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2008
Hi and :welcome: to the forum Pete :)
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