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New member
Nov 5, 2018
Hi. My 15yr old daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar yesterday. It's been a long journey. It's such a relief to know she had a medical condition as it can now be treated. She has had it for a couple of years but i was repeatedly told she was too young. I now need loads of advice to help her


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2018
New Jersey
that is good news and a diagnosis was done early. To understand being bi-polar requires a lot of research. Depending on the extent of the highs and lows requires the most understanding. the most important part is being patient and knowing that you will never understand what is going on in her head, so don't pretend to. there will be a lot of battles going on inside her head, and it gets very frustrating and very confusing how to watch it and what to do. The only advice i can give you is find activities that help lift the depression and support when exposed to the mania. It is also important for the proper medication, and it may take several kinds in different combinations to find the right blend that will help, but not cure. Sticking with each one requires time because it takes time for the brain to adjust to the what the medication will do. Try to steer away from the "cheer ups" and "what's wrong". i know i sound like a doctor, but i have dealt with it myself for years and still do, so i try to understand the triggers which sway my mood and my mind. Things like exercise, yoga, sprirituality can really help along with listening to subliminal or relaxation music i have found on the web. Breathing techniques work with mania and anxiety (because that will come) and exercise and hobbies will help keep the attention focused. I hope this helps...it comes first hand.
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