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New to Hearing Voices After Traumatic Exp



Oct 4, 2020
my situation started out very different and very real

i was on vacation earlier this year and it was my first time having a vacation alone. i got stoned off an edible and the neighbors of the apartment i stayed at were talking to me. these voices were very real, 2 men in their 20s that tormented me thru out the night.

ever since then, every time i got a little too high and was alone, i heard their voices mocking me again. i started to doubt the existence of the men from the first exp

recently i moved out to live on my own. i didnt hear any voices for the first couple of weeks, until my neighbors, who sound like maybe one or two men in their 20s, started to torment me one night after i got stoned. this exp was also very real. i know because other neighbors were interacting with them (shouted at them to make them shut up)

these men even confirmed the first exp being real, said the whole thing was streamed on the internet and they made references to occurrences of that night

the walls to my place are v thin. i can't tell when theyre talking to me or when its in my mind. i used to think it was the weed, but i hear them sober. i tried taking a walk to get the voices to stop but the voices follow me & have become ingrained into my mind

to make matters worse, these men have claimed to have seen me naked, can track my every movement thru my apartment, have hacked an account of mine, and i had to deactivate another private social bc they found me on there

even as i typed this the men were laughing at every word i wrote and said theyll find this page, find my passwords, and ruin my future. these fucking demons have induced me with auditory hallucinations and are making me regret every day to day decision that i make.

i want to confront the real voices but i can never locate the exact apartment they're coming from. even if i find the right place, they can just deny it all.

any suggestions on what i should do?

*PS i have anxiety & depression & i might be a light narcissist (which in itself comes w its own anxieties of constantly being watched)


Sep 28, 2020
Drugs of any kind open our minds up to outside forces . Like opening up a window and letting them in. Just like a virus getting into your computer . phone cause we went on a bad site . You got put virus protection around your mind lots out there just say them out loud just say one it was 60 positive affirmations for women .
Donovan Stephenson (was EdEd)

Donovan Stephenson (was EdEd)

Well-known member
Dec 21, 2019
I would stay away from all illegal drugs first off , it's been proven that illegal drugs can exacerbate the auditory hallucinations.. well atleast in my experiences that's what happened to me.. but definitely would remove the drug use out of the equation..
Donovan Stephenson (was EdEd)

Donovan Stephenson (was EdEd)

Well-known member
Dec 21, 2019
I use to do drugs and the voices intensified and peaked during the times where I was high.. the voices made the high an unpleasant experience.. so I decided against it.. looking back on it now , cutting drugs out of my life was entirely beneficial to my overall mental wellbeing.
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