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New to forum


Fallen swan

New member
Nov 14, 2014
Hey all. As the title suggests, I'm a newbie here. Not sure if this is the best place to post but I'm feeling a bit desperate. I feel like I'm at burnout stage and I can't see any solution. I am a solo parent of two, and am self employed, rarely getting a day off and when I do, it's running round after kids and catching up on housework etc. I am sooo tired all the time and go about life in a kind of robotic state. Business ticks along but is in hospitality so one week can be good, the next pretty average. I work around sixty hours a week and get paid for around 15 cos that's all I can afford to pay myself. I'm kinda over it... Over my kids even. They fight all the time (as kids can do) and I'm sick to death of everything. I have partner though we don't live together. We went into the business together but he retains his well paying job while I do all the work at the shop and look after my kids etc on my own. I'm financially in the poop and lost interest in everything. I have isolated myself and frankly have no energy to socialise anyway. My partner complains of me being tired and thinks an early night will help. Seriously, I coukd sleep for a week and still feel exhausted. He just doesn't get it. I'm feeling angry and resentful and just wanna pack up and leave everything behind. I don't know where to turn or how to turn these silly tears off :-( any suggestions?


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
Welcome to the forums and I hope you take a look around and have some time to talk with others.

You do sound like you really need to taper down on the work side of things, no wonder you feel like you just want to go away.

If the business is making you so ill, then speak to your partner about it (or have you already done this). He needs to obviously help more. Or if it's gotten to the stage where you really want to pack up and leave your life and your children, then now is about the time to consider jacking the business in, I know that would be a HUGE step, but your health should come first.

Keep posting

Please get some rest



Hi fallen Swan,:welcome:

You have work and home overload, it sounds like you could do with a break,shut up shop for two weeks, have your partner or family take the kids and chill, go away or just have the time to yourself at home resting.If you aren't making it financially anyway you won't lose much more taking a break, recharge your batteries,maybe start up back after a holiday with more strength and a refreshed perspective.
I am sorry you are like a lot of women left having to do everything work and kidwise,
Shouldn't your partner take on more hours of responsibility where the kids are concerned.Also more staff in the shop might be worth it and increase trade so pay their way and give you more time to rest and to yourself!
Sorry I know it might not be financially feasible but these are my only practical solutions.
Welcome to the forum:welcome: anyway,hope you find it a good place to express your frustrations and get support!NicolaX
Davey Blueeyes

Davey Blueeyes

Well-known member
Jul 22, 2013
Isle of Wight
Oh bless!

I have a business and for the last five and a bit years it has basically worn me down. I get no joy from it and it's just a massive pain in the backside to be honest. I have done about 80 hours a week for most of those years and have NO life outside it. I also have a son but he doesn't live with me all the time.

Quite frankly, I don't know how on earth you are doing all that and wanting to walk away is normal. Your partner needs to be a little more understanding and supportive quite frankly
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