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new to forum and in need of advice,,



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Apr 13, 2015
Hello everyone this is my first time on this forum and I need some advice,, I am 33 mail and I think I have had a nervous breakdown last year but I am not sure ?

October last year I was rushed to hospital with chest pains and breathing difficulty, I have a very stressful job and I can admit I was drinking probably too much at the weekends. I had for months been feeling low and just not right I was aware I was unhappy and angry but I just didn’t know why? I was so down and just felt like I had nothing going for me in life but in reality I had a great life and family. But I kept drinking to deal with the thoughts and feelings and the stress.

I spent 4 months scared , ashamed for nothing , guilty about nothing and so nervous I couldn’t sleep eat or go out I was in a mess. I thought I was going mad I had suicidal thoughts and all I could think have been I had gone crazy it was the worst time in my life.

I have always been in stressful environments and in life I am a very highly strung person I also have some compulsive issues in regards to mess and organizing of things this drives my wife mad but she sees it as part of who I am.

I thought I was an alcoholic because I was drinking 3 times a week to calm me down and basically help me switch off after work but I went to AA meetings and found it hard to relate to the behaviour and actions of an alcoholic but none the less if you drink to escape you have a bad relationship with alcohol then it is something you have to deal with and I have I haven’t drank since October last year and I feel better but have had the odd weird feelings from time to time

I am currently on antidepressants there where given to me by the doctor and I was told I was suffering with anxiety 20mg per day so I take them but I really don’t know if they help me as I do feel better now but as I say sometimes I drift away and get weird feelings and thoughts and I start to worry that I will be ill again like before and this can happen anytime day or night.

I just need to understand what happened to me and how and what I should be doing to get better mentally ? sorry for the long post but I wanted to share my story to date

Many thanks in advance


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Dec 4, 2013
Hello and :welcome:

I'm sorry you've been experiencing such a rough time. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to answer the question you had about why it happened; it's probably a multitude of factors that built up and caused a physical reaction in your body. Sounds like you were experiencing panic attacks.

The best way to avoid those feelings is to take good care of your mental health; you should be feeling more secure in that now you're on medication. I would suggest you have some kind of talking therapy in order to identify what triggers these feelings in you, and to help you come up with some strategies of how to deal with it when it does happen. Once you have that solid basis, your anxiety (about your anxiety) should lessen anyway as a result, as you'll feel more secure and ready to tackle the thing.

This forum is really good as a means of talking (or typing, ha) therapy. It's helped me a lot. Another good thing is to practice mindfulness and breathing techniques; it's about focusing your mind on your breathing or the world around you, so your mind doesn't become bombarded with other things that can cause you to become anxious or depressed or be feeling out of control.

These are things you should practise daily as the idea is to reprogramme your mind with healthier mental habits so you can better prevent any breakdowns.

Hope that helps. Wish you all the best.


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Feb 13, 2015
Thanks very much x
Mark, I remember how I felt when I first learned about my issues. Going to therapy and taking meds was confusing since no one would really explain to me what was going on and why. Truthfully I've learned more about myself outside of counseling than while in it...share your experience with others as there's a lot of knowledge out there. Welcome :)