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new to all this and a bit confuzzled



Jul 29, 2009
Brighton, uk
hi all, i did my intro a little earlier, but i'm so new to this i just need to know if all my feelings and thoughts are part and parcel of this bi-polar stuff

i was finally diagnosed with bipolar on mon. as well as ups and downs i also get a lot of paranoia.. like do people really like me, am i annoying, are they talking about me, laughing at me.. etc etc. is this part of bipolar?

i've also had my ups and downs to last for weeks at a time. is it normal for moods to suddenly shift. like someone can make a comment which i'll take the wrong way and it'll make me into such a bad mood.

also i can sometimes get incredibly jealous and want a lot of attention. i really don't like myself when i get like that and i'm not sure how to deal with it.

always seeking out a lot of affection too. am currently single and i just need lots of love and hugs but don't get enough for my liking!

thanks for just letting me ramble


Jul 30, 2009
Hey mebiscuit,

Its difficult to say what a normal bipolar experience is, its very varied. I used to indulge in this little fact with my doctors, always reminding them that only a person with 'Bipolar' knows what it feels like, 'a doctor like yourself only really knows about it because of what we tell you its like, unless of cause you have bipolar'. Although if you annoy them enough they can essentially change your illness to schizo-affective or personality disorder.

Which nearly happened to me, during my MH appeal one doctor turned to the other and said, don't you think this is more schizo-affective. My doctor's lips quivered a little and he said 'no, I do believe he is actually bipolar considering his art material is sprawled all over the ward and is very difficult to settle for bed'.

Essentially, Bipolar effects people in different ways.

Hope this helps :)


Aug 10, 2009
Hiya there,
I haven't been diagnosed with Bipola (yet?) but I also suffer with all that you have said. I have a very low opinion of myself and wonder constantly if i'm irritating someone, if someone is talking about me, or laughing at me!

I think like Lite said, any illness is different for everyone, and can affect everyone in a different way, but it's reassuring to see that someone else feels the same if you know what I mean?

I hope that you are ok.
Louise x