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New Research Links Lucid Dreams with Psychosis



Not as scary as it first sounds! This article explains how understanding the similarities between the unusual perception of reality that occurs in both psychosis and lucid dreams can potentially be a way to help treat the mentally unwell. While working with patients’ dreams is not as common in psychiatry as it once was, this new research is shedding light as to how dreams can be helpful in understanding psychotic episodes. As science continues to explore the dreaming mind, there are bound to be many new and interesting insights that come along, some that use dreams to help the mentally ill, some that tell us more about the dreaming mind and some that provide insights as to how the brain works. All this knowledge is useful and helpful, but it does not replace the value gained by personal reflection and careful self examination. We can all use dreams, and access them without the help of scientists and experts, to learn more about ourselves and make improvements to our own lives.

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