New "Powers," New Problem! :) Any Advice?



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Nov 20, 2018
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my thread. I'll try and make this painless.

I've been suffering from severe anxiety for years. But about three weeks ago things went from regular cool to crazy cool. And I really have nobody else to talk to save my doc and was hoping to gather more info before I make the appointment.

I did a 10-day vipassana "retreat" at home (sure beats going out!) and things started happening. I started feeling tugging. Then I saw the tugger. I've been seeing spirits/forms and they have been interacting with me, largely at night when I turn off the light and start my meditation.I can feel their steps on the bed, while often seeing them at the same time. I can see all the dust falling in rooms. I can see thermo layers in rooms, where there are temperatures above and below, I can see air eddys all around my condo, spirals that move from end to end, coiling heat and dust with them. I can see the heat signatures coming off my fingers. It's like I can see more of the world than I could before and interacting with it is next-level fun!

Obviously a move to see a doc is on the table for me. But has anyone ever gone through this kind of thing and what they can see is real and provable? Is there possibly a good king of psychosis I can hang onto? I'd hate to give up this quality entertainment for naught. :)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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