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new medication for depression and anxiousity



New member
Jan 16, 2015
melbourne australia
hi everyone,,this is my first time on here.I have suffered with agoraphobia and mental health issue for over 30years.tried more forms of medication,treatment in and out of mental hospital.s
7years ago I lost my mother to leacaumia,and I had to cope with that and I thought my issues were under control,so I decide to stop and wean myself off all medications,which I did and felt totally in control.
but then a year ago I lost 2 very special friends and my life was turned upside down.
I am current taking alterave natural supplement for anxiousity and stress.
My gp has suggested I start back on a new medication called VALDOXAN
so after three week I feel worse.my gp has suggested uping the dosage but
my gp know tell me it too expensive so we will have to try something else.
what should I do.?
As I want my life back,and be able to get outside my house and enjoy my famiy
who don't understand why I slipped back.
can anyway help me out with suggestion.
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

Well-known member
Oct 23, 2014
Hi Tigers120 and welcome to the forum.

It sounds as though you've had a lot of stress and grieving to deal with. I hope that things start improving for you soon.


Well-known member
Jun 25, 2013
hello and welcome


A big :welcome: from me too.

I'm sorry you've been through so much.
We have a few members currently who struggle with agoraphobia. Take a look in the anxiety forum for posts on the topic.

I don't know of the medication you mention, but perhaps other will.
I hope you can find the support you need here.