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New here!



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Oct 15, 2019
New Jersey
Just like the title says, I am new here! Up until 2 weeks ago, I suffered from panic attacks once in a while over the course of the last 10 years or so. Sometimes I would have one once a month or if things were bad, once a week. I never sought treatment because I felt like I could handle them and they did not disrupt my life really.

2 weeks ago, I suffered the worst panic attack I have ever had with full body trembling and just feeling so out of control. My husband, at my request, called the ambulance who took my vitals and stayed with me until I calmed down. The next day I stayed home because I was exhausted and I wrote it off to the stress from work, school, and home. Within the next few days, things got progressively worse. I started to have multiple panic attacks a day in various places leaving me fearful to even leave my home. In that timeframe, I called the ambulance another time and was seen in the ER.

Prior to now, I never had a problem with agoraphobia (we are frequent travelers and I loved being out at the time with friends and family). At this point, I am on leave from work, seeing a new therapist and contemplating medication. I was prescribed Lexapro yesterday, but I am so scared to take it because of possible side effects. I am supposed to go on vacation in 3 weeks, and I am struggling even to drive my daughter to school in the morning. I am just shocked by how fast I have gotten here and losing hope of ever being the person I was before. I have been doing meditation every day and taking CBD oil as well. I do try and go out to a store every day to face my fears, but it leaves me exhausted and turns into panic for me. I am so fearful of the attacks that I am just stuck in what feels like an endless cycle.

I guess I am just looking for understanding instead of people telling me just to get over it or breathe. If it was that easy, I would do that. I do not want to be scared to leave my house and now I feel depressed which is something I never experienced. I have lost 10 pounds this week and can barely motivate myself to shower. I feel like I am in a spiral which I will never be able to escape.


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Jan 27, 2019
That is awful everything coming so sudden. Believe me I know how debilitating anxiety attacks can be. I had to go on medications for mine. I just could not control my attacks. I use to say things to myself like Calm Down Get It Together and to no avail. You think they would go away after 10 minutes or so. Mine did not. I have not had an anxiety attack since being on meds. I feel anxious a lot at times-restless. Nothing was going on in my life at the time to provoke the attacks they just came out of nowhere. I am not sure what you will have to do to feel relieve. I am wishing you the best. Lots of hugs and love Jules
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