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May 16, 2019
I have diagnosed Bi polar ll and border line personality disorder, I am on medication and honestly for the most part doing pretty well, however I have been in a relationship ship for just about 4 years with a man who I believe to be the one, but we believe he has bpd or some type of mood disorder, his mental health had dibiliated to the point of not being able to work and his moods go from up down I hate you I'm leaving I wanna come back, I angry there's no hope to I'm on top if the world, he won't let himself be admitted to the hospital because he's scared which I understand, he's not to the point of suicide but deffinetly emotional exausting for me and him I'm sure, he sometimes want out of relationship sometimes wants to stay sometimes I'm his best friend then his worst enemy, it's hard like really tough but ge stayed with me during my hard times so I need to him, I got lucky and someone cancelled there psychiatrist appointment and I got in so I got help quick and it's like he resents me because ges struggling and has to be on the waiting list, hes been smoking a lot of weed to calm himself down but when it's not there he's almost unbearable at times; I know it can make mental worse, I'm aware but it'd either calm down or he has a meltdown .. so my question to the men here what can I as a girlfriend do to help ease his meltdowns, are their things I could be doing that's triggering? Basically how can I help him to a - b till he can get some legitimate help, I know there's techniques bit men are more critical and not interested or for my boyfriend his parents who deffinetly have disorders don't believe in th and push him down and made him think hospital is for crazy people not just people getting help, how can I ease the stress till he gets in ?