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Jan 31, 2009
Hi everyone. I'm 25, new to Intervoice and also to the idea of embracing the voices instead of being scared to death of them.

It's only been about a year since I started hearing them. At first they were thought to be a psychotic feature of bipolar disorder, which I'm diagnosed with, but they come during "normal" times for me as well. I hate talking about them to medical professionals because I still feel embarrassed about them, and it's also so hard to share something so intimate. I want to go to school for nursing but I'm scared that this will hold me back. I've been hospitalized twice and I don't want things to keep falling apart every time I get going again.

They scare me. A lot. When I'm very very low they tell me to hurt myself and that is when I seek medical attention. When they are benign, my doctor wants to know if I'm hearing them but I don't always tell her. They seem to be exacerbated by stress, or if I stay all alone or isolate from people.

A lot of the time they are just saying random stuff that has no bearing on any situation I'm in. Sometimes they are more specific. Sometimes I can hear them but not quite make out what they're saying. Sometimes it's whispers. At one point I was hearing screaming and it scared the heck out of me but I was also very low, which is when things take a more scary term. I was pretty convinced that I could hear hell. Sometimes I hear music, and I am also a singer/songwriter, so sometimes the music helps and sometimes it gets in the way of something I'm trying to write.

I'm new to the idea of embracing these voices, letting them be a part of myself instead of trying to medicate them away (which isn't really working in the first place.) I have so many "why" and "who am I" questions though. What does hearing this stuff say about me as a person? Am I just crazy or can I hear something most of the world can't? I'm a reasonably intelligent person but I can't figure out why this is this happening.

I'm glad I found this place, and hope to be able to get to know people here.


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Nov 30, 2008
Hi Silla, and welcome to the group. Do you have any
spiritual or religious concerns about the voices? Some
do and some don't. The polls that I've seen so far, about
half believe them to be parallel dimensional spirits/entities.
With astral projection, out-of-body consciousness, humans
can bi-locate, while sleep or awake, which would also explain
parallels and "audible voices". Of coarse, some people believe
it to be mental, chemical imbalance or hallucination of sorts.

Please also join the yahoo group, which is:

Warm Regards From USA, LA;


Hi Silla, a person I do very much appreciate does hear voices for years too. Voices started after a nervous breakdown because of job issues. They return approximately after months (18 ... 24) - despite of some low dose default medication (Abilify) - and remain then for weeks. The person continues to work successfully; it's hard to do that with voices, but it's better to work than sitting home or become hospitalized. The voices are all awkward, disrespectful, malicious, nasty and deny any good and normal thing about that person. We are also in a position not to see a possibility to learn from such voices or to make a supporting interpretation out of them. It's seemingly just junk from lower organizational neuro-layers - the question is, why such a mess bubbles out of the brain and comes to consciousness. We see it as illness - the good thing is, that after hospitalizations now it seems longer and longer possible to hold strict distance to the voices and to make them even some trouble. If you are well, have a look to the book of Edward M. Podvoll "Recovering sanity", it was of great help for me as a relative. Even better is to find local support and exchange, or to find a doctor who was him/herself hospitalized with a similar indication; the first thing is to speak freely about the voices, but often one can't because people fear to become insane just from hearing about voices.

All the best - keep in mind, that the job will run for years in the case of success, only desaster comes fast.


Nov 26, 2008
Hey there and welcome. :p Your voices seem similar to mine. Just hang in there, and don't let them hold you back! :)

lou lou

Hi there,im new too.Doc says I have schizophrenia but I find that hard to accept.Ive been hearing voices since I was 19 after my gran died.It started with my gran talking to me which was a great comfort.But then the vioces started in earnest.They tell me im evil and that ive killed people and im going to hell.I find it hard to accept I need meds but every time I stop them I end up in hospital.Im on a high dose and it makes me sleepy and fat!Does anyone know of any alternatives ?



I don't know where you are from, but it may help you
to realize that the pentecostal christians all hear voices,
and they all have very excellent coping technique. Just
might help you to see how normal you truly are, and how
normal your life can be. They stick to themselves, and
this is only to keep the spirit of "the world" out of their lives
and social circles. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Here's a primer: http://tinyurl.com/4oa2cg