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New here with extreme social anxiety



New member
Nov 1, 2018
Hi! New here! :)

So I have been struggling with social anxiety for years now and lately it’s really been taking a toll on my mental health and confidence :/

A little back story about my situation. I’m 25 and live alone, I have a boyfriend who I also work with and a couple close friends, but my friends all live at least an hour away from me so I don’t see them much. I rarely see my family either.

I find it so difficult to talk to people that aren’t either my boyfriend or best friends. It’s like every time someone tries to start a conversation with me I draw complete blanks and most of the time (95% for real) I only respond with yeah or just laugh because I literally can’t think of anything to say!!! And sometimes when I do think of something I find that my speech is horrible like I stutter or word things incorrectly.

It’s really affecting me because I feel like I’ll never be able to make new friends or get a decent job because interviews are hell for me. I’ve been like this for years, and I feel like sometimes I turn to alcohol now to make me more outgoing and not embarassed to talk. Even with my boyfriends friends/family who I’ve known for over a year and see all the time I can’t even start a conversation or say more than a one word response. It makes me feel so awful about myself like they’re probably thinking I’m weird or have no personality or am just dumb anything alone those lines.

Super long post! But my main question is does anyone else struggle with just having no response to people all the time and poor speech/communication skills? Does anyone have any tips?

Anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 😊


Oct 31, 2018
I understand x

Hi there :)

I only joined this forum yesterday but I have much the same issue.

I can often think of nothing to say, and sometimes when I think too hard I say something stupid, or offensive when it's really not meant to be!

I understand how you feel.

I will say this though. You are clearly capable of proper words and language as your post is full of detail and expression! I realise typing isn't the same as saying, but all the same. Though it might be a glimmer in the dark for you :)

Hope you find some luck with someone. Maybe it just takes the right people.

A x


Well-known member
Dec 19, 2016
welcome to the forum :)

just got to try to talk to people and converse,
the more you practice it the better youll become...