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New Here,Urgent Advice Needed!



New member
Sep 16, 2009
Hi there,

that´s Patrick,25 from Germany.

I will try to give you a very brief overview of my situation.

Since June know I am suffering from body wide muscle weakness,twitching,lack of balance and coordination.Along with that I experience a whole lot of jittering,shaking and fatigue.

the weakness seems very real to me and is affecting every muscle in my body although slightly stronger on my left side.My muscles vibrate and jitter often with every movement and extremly while exercising.Every activity seems harder than usual even walking,standing or holding normal postures.Every time I bent towards a certain direction I feel like I´m getting pulled abnormal in this direction.Because of this or seperatly I have difficulty with my coordination and balance.Walking around is already annoying as if you have to watch every step.And when I try to look to the left or right the problems tend to increase.

I have been testet over and over by neurologists and other docs and they always told me that it´s nothing serious,although I feel completly debilitated.

It´s so bad that my feeling has already convinced me that I am going to die on a nerve and muscle disease.The symptoms are there and pretty real so it´s hard not to think this way.90 percent of the day I think I already no that I will die cause it seems the only plausible option.The other 10 percent I try to at least convince myself that that is not the case.Today I read about Conversion Disorder for the first time,and I try to explore if it makes sense.

So I could need your help.Could this disorder present itself this way? Has anyone of you any similar problems with muscles or coordination?!

Could really need some insights...

thx in advance

best wishes



Former member

hey Patrick, i think there is a section on here somewhere about Conversion Disorder but i dont know about myself

but welcome :)


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Aug 16, 2009

hi patrick. welcome to the forum. i hope its useful for you, and friendly too.

sorry, i don't know about your particular problem, but i noticed there is a section on conversion disorder.

if you go to "mental health issues and experiences", then look at the bottom of that page, you will find it there.

good luck:)