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New here just after someone to listen



New member
Apr 27, 2020
Hi guys
A little story of whats been going on, so late 2018 i lost my mum to an almost 2 year battle with cancer (lived with her so saw her go through everything) straight after or possibly when she was dying my partner of now 10 years decided to start an affair with someone at his work which led to wreckless weekends no replies to see if/when he was coming home also taking drugs at this low point in his life while im sat at home just wanting a cuddle still grieving anyway 5 months down the line which is when I confronted him about it he then chose me as you can imagine an awful rest of the year with emotions, fast forward to finally being happy we then end up in lockdown, we live with my dad who i dont really get on with and basically spend most of our time in our room we also have a 7 year old daughter which this lockdown has extremely tested my patience with her, 1 week into lockdown i find out im pregnant which i knew instantly i couldnt keep it, im not in the right housing situation to raise another child and quite frankly still not over this affair that ended last year, so i had the termination last weekend which was an awful awful experience hormones are currently all over the place then find out my partner spoke to an old school friend to “catch up” and he told him about his affair and they basically had a laugh about it as you can imagine ontop of going through the abortion ive now been knocked down even more by this, my daughter can be a handful and ive decided to give up with the home schooling as its just too much stress i cant force her to pick up a pen and write
I feel like im at an extremely low point in my life i cant talk to my best friend as she thinks her problems are worse when infact they seem pathetic to my reality
I do love my partner and we do have some great times but i just wish he’d pull his fucking finger out and stop making me feel like shit ive been through enough and had enough
Even writing this has made me feel slightly better x


Well-known member
Jul 9, 2013
im sorry youre having such a hard time of late.....have you ever tried St JOhns Wort.....its a herbal remedy to treat depression......i found it good.


New member
Apr 27, 2020
Thanks for replying
No i haven't il look into it
Thank you
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