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New here, hoping to cope wd all the difficulties life throws at us with little ease wd the help of this forum



New member
Oct 11, 2021
Hi everyone!

I am new here and I feel like I am always unhappy, in a state of zero excitement, engrossed in sorrow and always feel the urge to cry sometimes without and reason.

Please guide me through this so that i would be able to utilize this medium properly.



Well-known member
Jun 24, 2020
Hello and welcome. :)

Lots of good people around here. Its a very supportive place. Glad you found us.

There are forum guidelines are posted, and our moderators are pretty good about letting us know if something needs changed, edited or moved. I wouldn't worry on it too much.



Well-known member
Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
I'm sorry life is so hard at the moment.

You will find the forums very useful and also very friendly.

We will try and support you through this

Have you been diagnosed with depression?


Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Pretty Good
Welcome to the forum, I am sorry you are struggling at the moment and as you have joined here you will find it very helpful as we are all very caring.


Well-known member
May 22, 2021
Welcome Saline!

Take a look around the forum, im sure you will find a Subsection that will suit you!
People around here are happy to help and we can talk about pretty much anything (als long as it conforms to the forum rules)

Its honestly good that you found this place. It helped me lots and i hope it will help you too!

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