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New here help needed



New member
Dec 29, 2018
Hiya I'm new here after 10 years of suffering abuse and never being let out of my house with my ex partner I finally left I ended up in hospital with anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts I have been out in seteraline 150mg and that's it every night I have the same night mare about what happened to me I struggle with day to day life shopping etc I have been back to gp numerous times to explain this and that u wanted my zopicolne and diazapm back but they refuse to give it me everytime I'm not after it to abuse it just to take the edge off so I can go shopping or for a hair cut and get some sleep but they say no is there any herbal or any sort of replacement that I could take thanks


Feb 6, 2016
Where are u now, I need to tell your go that’s what works for u