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New here , fragile and nervous . Anyone else suspect a different diagnosis ?



New member
Feb 1, 2021
I’ll try to keep it brief but it has never been my forte .
I have multiple diagnosis’ of anxiety , social anxiety, ocd and severe depression . Not sure I’m on board with all of that , the diagnosing was based purely on one sheet of paper i filled out on a particularly bad day at the gp .

But I can’t help but wonder if it’s something more . I won’t say I don’t trust my doctors ; but whenever I have tried to give further information they literally brush everything off as anxiety from a stressed out stay at home mum .

I have always felt different . I had a troublesome upbringing but my issues began as early as I can remember . I had trouble making friends due to being so sensitive and needing things done or preferring things done a certain way .

I have always had trouble focusing , I have food aversions , trouble concentrating and ridiculous reactions to minor occurrences. I recognize these things as I am doing them (punching or pinching myself , beating my fist into my chest or even shaking my hands ) . I’ve always considered them nervous tics and once recognsje I’m doing it , I can usuallysettle it .
I have comprehensive food safety issues to a point of diagnosed obsessive compulsion . I eat worse than a toddler . I can’t handle crowds , loud noises or anything even near me .

now , I’m not after a diagnosis here . I’m well aware theres problems ; but herein lies the issue . Whenever I bring up these issues with my psychologist , she doesn’t think too much of it and just says I can’t focus because I am tired from the depression . Everything comes back to just being tired or stressed . Having a diagnosis of depression or anxiety seems to make all drs assume it’s your main issue . It took 2 sr visits and a trip to an Ed to confirm I was actually having a pancreatic attack , I kept getting told it was stress .

I guess another question here is ; has anyone had this happen and sought further testing , or am I just being pathetic ?
I don’t mind my psychologist, I think she’s quite lovely . I just feel a bit unheard .


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Jul 31, 2020
Doesn't sound like you're being pathetic if you are suffering. Mental health issues are hard to be accurate with. Seems like we get a lot of general treatment, not specifically aimed at personal issues. Sort of like a lot of medications that treat various things and two people may have quite different problems but get the same prescription.

Welcome to the forum.


Jan 31, 2021
Reading your post really caught my attention, and not for the reasons you might think.
I am NOT a fan of GP's prescribing pyschiatric medications.
I used to work as a medical records scanner for insurance companies. The amount of times I read of GP's prescribing Xanax and Lexapro to people, teenagers even, would shock you.
Your GP is not a trained mental health professional. Your psychologist is.
I would suggest trying to achieve a better relationship with her by mentioning you feel "unheard." Make it clear you want to value her advice more than you are now.
Here are the two words from your post that hit me hardest -- "ridiculous reactions"
To me, that's your biggest issue. Ridiculous reactions lead to stress. And that can lead to an ER visit, or two.
Let me guess -- on those two visits, was your brain racing out of control? Dread. Fears. Was your attention span at about half-a-second?
Back to my medical records scanning days. I saw many charts of people with multiple ER visits. Some with more than 20 in a calendar year.
The common thread? Anxiety.
How you react to events/problems/issues/etc. is where it's at. When you can train your brain to react properly to life's issues, you will be on your way to recovery.
I'm going to wrap it up at this point because my response is long enough. However, if you want more advice on how to better react, I'd be happy to help.
For the record, I suffered from severe GAD for about 18 months. I overcame it with the help of therapy, medications, and learning to ACCEPT my problems. All of that led me to having more appropriate reactions.
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