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Apr 24, 2019
Evening all, I hope to get some advice on certain aspects of my life and how to deal with my worrying! I have been diagnosed with Anxiety since 2013 which I believe was primarily down to recreational drug use between 2010-2013. I have over the years gotten “better” in some ways, ie able to control panic attacks so they don’t get severe but have noticed I have picked up other symptoms like becoming less social, finding it awkward engaging with people who aren’t already in my life and don’t feel as comfortable with like I would my fiancé and immediate family. I often overthink things like reflecting on what I said to someone, what they think of me etc. My latest worry has bothered me the most however for a long time. I came back from starting my new job where I was away from home for a week last week. My fiancé surprised me with a little 9 week year old kitten at which I was over the moon with as I have always wanted a pet and always had great bonds with parents pets or friends and families pets. As much as the excitement and joy took over me I started to become overwhelmed by the responsibilities of having a kitten. Now I don’t doubt mine or my fiancé’s ability to be able to look after a pet, but I couldn’t help but worry. I have these thoughts that one day I won’t have this bundle of fury joy in my life and think about how upset I would get. I often think this way when it comes to my parents and it really upsets me. I just wish these thoughts wouldn’t cross my mind and instead just focus on the amount of fun and companionship I will have with Ru, also the time I enjoy with loved ones and not have these ruined by constant reminders of the inevitable.

I don’t know what your thoughts are on this, but I would appreciate any advice :)
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