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New Here and Thx for Space



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Feb 17, 2021
Been officially diagnosed as:
  • Severe Anxiety
  • Mild Depression
  • Severe Attention Deficit Disorder
[Dont know formal names in English, but its this]

All last year before Pandemics, and there are SEVERAAL traits of other disorders, but werent diagnosed (YET???? Probably)
My daily (!!!) symptoms include ones of one or another Personality Disorders, and I have since childhood BIIIIIG STRUGGLES attempting to socialize, never quite had close friends (things were mostly superficial, even when I TRIIIIIED HARD to get close, but until adulthood it very rarely grew any closer; but since late teens there were SEVERAL moments that I tried letting it be natural, and was even WORSE, more distance, so....). Social Anxiety/Phobia involved, got worse as I grew up, etc etc

I have for YEARS being taking care of myself (mentally), including w professionals (and then therapy groups, ones which SAVED MY LIFE LITERALLY, many ways), and I can say Im WAY BETTER than before, indeed, Im so thankful and glad
BUUUUT socially speaking I got more distant from people, with time, got weared out, its just so much stress, and uncompatibility that it happened

My only concern about this (people difficulties I mean) overall is the material/financial/"feeding" part, as holding job or managing to have some autonomous life is QUITE difficult without interacting in "daily" basis (if ever possible, Id Love if it was possible, if anyone knows Id like to know)

Thats NEARLY my only concern regarding it, as being "alone" has been less painful with time (and again, Im not ISOLATED necessarilly), and was needed as I used to have strong Affective dependence (still do have but more controlled now thankfully)

In the self-knowledge part I know a lot about me because of these years of treating, so my goal currently is to DECREASE EFFECTS/SYMPTOMS in daily basis, as the symptoms oscilate TOO much and sometimes get me off guard, and I sometimes Need to get things out of my chest. (And seeing some shares that are similar to me help a lot too, this site is just great THANK YOU ALL)


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Feb 18, 2021
Just wanted to say hi, I’m new here too! Looking forward to the support and guidance as well! Virtual hug to you!!


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Forum Guide
Jun 16, 2020
Hi MHFPokeplantz welcome to the forum (Again ;)) :welcome:


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Feb 17, 2021
Just wanted to say hi, I’m new here too! Looking forward to the support and guidance as well! Virtual hug to you!!
Hope you (and we) can get help :goodluck::colours:
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