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New here and have anxiety relapse again



New member
Dec 22, 2018
Hello all,

After constant anxiety relapses, I've been determined to try and get my life together. I realize I think too much and it's been a burden on me. Thankfully, my OCD is in remission and I only suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. I've come along way, but these reoccurring panic attacks are severely impeding my ability to function. I was on 100mg of Sertraline and 40mg of Atomoxetine and thought it'd be smart if I could try to get off of them. Needless to say, after seven months being off of them my life kinda flip upside down. I was headed back to college this Fall and out of no where I was reminded of what a panic attack feels like. I often meditate, but it was far beyond control. I just went in my car and tried to tough it out. Eventually, I had to head back home for the semester where I did recover and pulled myself out of it all the way until now. I'm back on my medication same dosage of both medications and I'm not having panic attacks, but you know that weird anxious feeling in your stomach and your cheeks, just kind of an unsettling restlessness. I thought it'd be time if I talk to others about my experiences and would love to help talk to others about their problems. I'm so thankful there's a community out there to express how they feel and to know I'm not the only one with anxiety. I'm planning on going to a Vipassana meditation retreat which I'm excited about. I'm also about to lease an apartment with my old roommate at school. I also started talking to a girl and I have feelings for her that I've never felt for anyone. And so, it's just all overwhelming. Me being a sensitive guy and all, I just was hoping if others had any insight and how they manage their anxiety? I'm in therapy, which I've been in basically my whole life, and I've recieved CBT for numerous years and it's help my life exponentially. But, what else am I missing? I've been trying to be more adventerous and wanting to try new hobbies that may be beneficial to my anxiety disorder. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences they can relate to?